Sunday, 9 June 2013

Enough Food If ...

Once again the sun shone brightly on us.  Last Saturday we were on College Green in Bristol.  This Saturday it was Hyde Park in London.  Two quite different events but united in their subject matter - food.  The first involved feeding 5000 people with food destined for landfill, the second demanding that the G8 take action to ensure that no one goes bed hungry.


For more information about this Enough Food If ... campaign click here.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Feeding the 5000 2013

On Saturday I helped feed 5000 people with food which might otherwise have landed up in a landfill site.

FareShare South West, who organised this event, works with the food industry, relieving it of its unwanted yet still edible food, and distributing it to people who really need it.  It's a perfect example of not just identifying a problem, but doing something about it.

The event took place on College Green in the shadow of the Cathedral and the City Hall.  In addition to a field kitchen serving vegetable curry, rice, spicy coleslaw and raita, there was a stall selling fruit and vegetable goody bags and bread, a children's activity tent, a cookery demonstration tent and a music stage.  The sun shone, the queue snaked around the site and up Park Street road and the good people of Bristol ate and laughed and danced.  

Most of the photographs were taken before service began because, once it did, we didn't stop for hours.  It was hard work but well worth the effort to spread a little happiness and maybe even change attitudes towards waste.