Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Jam & Jerusalem

Well here's something I never thought I'd write. I have joined the Women's Institute. Seriously!

A couple of weeks ago, at the Best of Bedminster Show on North Street Green, my attention was drawn to the WI stall, not by the cakes, but by the relative youth of the stall holders and the retro leaflets on the table. I signed up to receive further details and a few weeks later I was invited to attend the inaugural meeting of the Malago Institute, which is where I was earlier this evening.

There were a good number of women present, most of them in their thirties. I went with a friend and her daughter and recognised a handful of others. The meeting was very informal: an icebreaker game, a short introduction, a chance for suggestions for future meetings and the opportunity to sign up - which I did. It seems to me to be a great way to get to know other local women, have fun and make a difference to our neighbourhood - and, of course, eat cake!

It wasn't long after we moved to Bristol that I had our first daughter. The National Childbirth Trust, with its local coffee mornings and amazing secondhand clothes sales, saved me from going stir crazy, and some of the mums I met at that time are still good friends. But life's moved on and so have I, and it's time to look for new friends and new challenges, and I think the WI might be the answer.

Anyway the next meeting is at 8 pm on Wednesday 10 December at Ebeneezer Church on British Road and will have a Christmas theme.

Oh and I voted that we sing Jerusalem at our meetings!


  1. Hi Gai - you are the second person I have read about lately to join the WI. Good for you - do hope you enjoy. Makes me think maybe I should look into a local branch and give it a go.

    A x

    PS - I thought Jerusalem was compulsory - I know cake is!

  2. Give it a go. I'm sure you'd enjoy it.

    We were given the choice of whether or not to sing Jerusalem. I'm fascinated to hear the result. I suspect it will be a no, but I may be pleasantly surprised. I love words - and the music.

  3. Me again Gai - just to let you know I have tagged you! All will be revealed on my blog.

    A x

  4. Thanks for the tag Strawberry Jam Anne. I'll have to dig deep for interesting facts about me.

    It's been a while since I read your blog during which time you've been travelling the world, you lucky thing. I was particularly interested in your time in India.