Monday, 6 July 2009

One & Other Again

I've spent more time than I care to admit this afternoon watching a succession of individuals taking their turn on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar. The first plinther took up her position at 9am this morning, the first of 2,400 to do so. There was a man with a blackboard and a piece of chalk who wrote messages to the crowd beneath him, a second dressed as a panda who got viewers to phone him on his mobile, a third who didn't do anything except walk around looking out over the square, and the present incumbent who is by turn reading poetry, playing music and having afternoon tea! Every hour, on the hour a cherry picker swaps them round. It's compulsive viewing.

One & Other is described as 'an exploration of the connection between individuals', with the plinthers becoming 'representations of themselves and of the human population of the world viewed by fellow members of the wider society which they inhabit'. From what I have seen today I think the genius Antony Gormley has done it again.

As mentioned in an earlier post I've applied for my own hour on display, but have thus far failed to be selected. However, there are two more draws to come and, having witnessed the first day of this incredible installation, I'm now more eager than ever to take part. I've even decided what I would like to do but am not telling you what it is yet, just in case I get lucky! Fingers crossed.


  1. 'll keep my fingers crossed for you Gai - hope you get your wish. I've been away until today so must have a look at it. Won't be applying myself though! A x

  2. Thanks SJA. Do log on but be warned. It's addictive! The next draw's on 1 August. I'll let you know if I'm allocated a slot.