Monday, 5 October 2009

Sustainable Living

I've enrolled for a course in permaculture and attended two classes. At the end of the last session our tutor set us a piece of homework. We are to come to the next class prepared to share with her and the others what it is that is preventing us from living a more sustainable life.

I've given this some thought and I think it boils down to lack of organisation. It's not thinking ahead that:

allows me to leave the house without a carrier bag and have to accept a plastic one to carry my groceries home

prevents me from buying all the ingredients for a meal from the high street shops and not have to dash out to the local Tesco Express for an essential item

prevents me from baking a cake or a batch of biscuits to last the week and not have to buy plastic wrapped alternatives for the girls' lunch boxes

prevents me from doubling up a recipe and freezing half of it to save me to lighting the gas or heating the oven twice

allows perfectly edible food to fester in the fridge because I haven't thought of a way to use it up in time

If only I set aside a few minutes each day/week to make a few notes then I'm sure I could do a lot better.

I wonder what my fellow class mates will come up with?

The image is of The Egg of Life, the classic permaculture symbol.

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