Wednesday, 26 May 2010

To Quilt or not to Quilt?

The Malago WI met tonight with a guest speaker, the quilter, and all round crafty person, Jane Brocket. If the word 'quilt' conjures up fiendishly intricate arrangements of flowery hexagons, then think again. Jane Brocket loves big and bold and bright. I can't reproduce any of her designs without permission, so you will have to pop over to her site to see them for yourself. A feast for the eyes on a rather damp and dreary evening.

Like all talented artists she made it sound so easy. I may even give it a go myself ... one day!


  1. Couldn't see where to go to take a look at her quilts once I got to her website. I used to do a bit of patchwork and quite fancy having another go if I had the time, but quilting has always struck me as complicated.

  2. Have you tried looking under 'quilts and fabrics' in the list of categories in the right hand column? There are photos of a few of Jane's quilts but not nearly the number she brought to the WI meeting.