Wednesday, 30 November 2011

To Strike or Not to Strike

I did, along with somewhere between 10,000 (police estimate) and 20,000 (union claim) others in Bristol.

However I confess to mixed feelings over the decision to strike and have realised that I am much happier demonstrating in support of others than I am of myself.  Government policy will affect my pension, although I'm unsure of the details, but while none of us wish to see a fall in our living standards, we do need to face up to the challenge of providing for the increasing number of retired people.  I'd like to see a serious debate on this question.

In the end I based my decision to strike on my frustration with the government's unwillingness to tackle the growing inequalities within our society and its apparent aim to undermine our public services.  I wish they had listened earlier and I hope they will have taken note today.


  1. I think a lot of strikers probably had mixed feelings. I didn't strike, nor did any of my colleagues, but I don't agree with the changes to our pension. I'm not sure this government will listen. Remember Maggie T and the miners' strike?

    I agree there should be a serious debate about pensions and so many other things. I've tried to start a bit of a debate in my latest blog

  2. With you on this one. Both the ambivalence and the exasperation with the Government's attitude. Still at least they fall short of Jeremy Clarkson's attitude!

  3. @ Karin: I read your blog with interest Karin. It's pretty much how I feel myself.

    @ blue hands: I see that Mr Clarkson has apologised for his foolish remarks. I hope he's learned his lesson but somehow I doubt it.