Sunday, 19 May 2013

Eurovision 2013

I love the Eurovision Song Contest.

There, I've admitted it.

It's not the greatest competition from a musical point of view but it's not the singing that attracts me - it's the spectacle.  (That, and the belief that coming together to sing and play and dance is infinitely preferable to declaring war on each other!)  And last evening's performance did not disappoint.  The Greeks extolled the virtues of free alcohol while prancing around in a black and white rugby shirts and kilts.  The Romanian, in operatic leather and diamonds warbled in falsetto as near naked dancers emerged from the cover of a red plastic sheet and writhed around at his feet.  Finally the Azerbaijani danced on a box containing a acrobat mimicing his every move and and was reunited with a woman in a short red dress with an impossibly long train.

There is a growing tradition of throwing Eurovision parties with fancy dress, sweepstakes and drinking competitions.  I wasn't anywhere as well prepared as this.  However I did rise to the preparation of a three course Swedish feast in honour of the host nation.

We ate:

smoked salmon served with mustard & dill dressing and rye bread
Jansson's frestelse served with runner beans
saffranspannkaka served with sylt lingon and cream
I now have a whole year to plan a Danish menu to accompany next year's Eurovision.

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