Sunday, 23 March 2014

Incredible Edible Bristol

As yet no sign of life in my seed tray, but yesterday morning vegetables were sprouting madly along the wall of the Hen and Chicken pub on North Street (or technically Greville Road!) at Bedminster's inaugural Incredible Edible Bristol event.  Check out the website (and FaceBook page) for what's going on and how to join the revolution.  As the saying goes 'If you eat, you're in!'

A small but cheery band of locals braved the cold morning air to 'plant' the roots and shoots and, just when we needed them, the incredible (but not necessarily edible) GoodGym runners jogged up to help with the goddess of fruit and veg.

Bristol, don't you just love it!



  1. That sounds like such an exciting project, I visited Todmorden to see their Incredible Edible project when I was up north last year, I became most over excited, I think I'm working myself up to try and start something where I live. I hope your incredible edible goes so well :)

    1. Sorry Sooz. Just spotted your comment. Lucky you for having visited Todmorden. I've heard the women who started the movement and found them truly inspirational. I have to confess that other commitments have got in the way of my doing very much more with the group, but our own back garden promises to be more fruit-(and vegetable-)ful this year. Good luck with your project.