Thursday, 7 April 2016

This (last) Weekend

Last weekend was spent in Glasgow.

          Our first booking via airbnb and a huge success.
  I was sorely tempted not to leave.

  • We walked through the Botanic Gardens and along the river Kelvin.

  • We visited Zara Hadid's Riverside Museum.

  • We spent a day in Edinburgh with my sister and her family.
We reckoned it had been five years since all of us were last together.

I was reminded of visits to my great aunt's house in Govan as a child.

I highly recommend the food and service in Glasgow's only Vietnamese restaurant.
  We donated a Bristol £1 note, featuring a cyclist, to add to their collection of bank notes.

  • We viewed the world's first comic at the Hunterian's Comic Invention exhibition.
An interesting history of the comic book & its relationship to other art forms,
 including medieval manuscripts.

  • We had lunch in the famous University Cafe where I ate a scotch pie and chips.
A Byres Road institution!


  1. Funny, I posted a photo of that exact smoothed rock a couple of years ago. Love Glasgow and have lived here for 17 years (or thereabouts). The Hanoi Bike Cafe does really really good tofu. Great location for your AirBnB. We stayed in a flat in London, it was great.

  2. We hope to move back to Scotland one day and are torn between Edinburgh, which I know and love, and Glasgow, which we're just beginning to discover. I'm drawn to the West End but I'm sure other areas have their own unique attractions.