Tuesday, 4 September 2007

New Year

It's obviously not a new calendar year, but today marks the beginning of a new academic year.

Returning to work after five and a half weeks' holiday is a strangely disconcerting experience. I can never remember my password and everyday routines have to be relearned. However I welcome the opportunity to make a fresh start, an attempt to do things better this year based on the experiences of the last. It's like being given a second go at a new year's resolution (or the opportunity to try out next year's possibilities).

Well that's the theory anyway.

Besides it's good to see everyone again and catch up with what they did in their holidays.

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  1. Blimey! So you really HAVE started a blog... and I'll very much look forward to reading it. I know exactly what you mean about passwords/everyday routines after returning to work - could I remember my code for the photocopy? I had a vague memory of the four digits and tried them in every combination before giving up and getting the office to look up the answer on their records.... somewhat worryingly I'd only got one of the four digits right! hey ho!