Sunday, 9 September 2007


Along with millions of people across the world I mourn the death of Luciano Pavarotti. Speaking of him, Michael Kenyon, who runs the BBC Proms, said that 'he made the world love music'. What a remarkable achievement for which to be remembered. I wonder what I shall be remembered for.

I was relieved that there was no attempt to beatify Pavarotti. References were made to his divorce and remarriage and to his dealings with the Italian taxmen. The failure to recognise a person's flaws is not only dishonest but also detracts from his humanity, the person that he was and with whom we can identify. Diana's vulnerability, Mother Teresa's depression and Pavarotti's lifestyle were as much a part of them as their good works and I don't think they should be airbrushed from their portraits.

PS The recording of Pavarotti and his father played at the funeral was of them singing 'Panis Angelicus' by Franck. It was the first piece I chose for my dad's funeral service and is an exquisitely beautiful piece of music.

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