Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Karine Polwart

I went to hear Karine Polwart at St George's last evening with Alan and Steve and Moira. It was the first time I had heard her live and it was great. She began and ended her gig with two of my favourite songs ('Daisy' and the 'Heron' song) which was very nice of her! Listening to her sing and talk reminded me of home (Scotland). I liked that.
There was a competition to suggest the cheesiest combination of fish and names of musicians/songs etc. I particularly liked 'Skate Rusby' and 'Pike and Tuna Turner'. We scribbled a few suggestions and one of mine 'Red Hot Chilli Kippers' made it to the shortlist but was outvoted by 'Sushi and the Banshees'. I was, of course, gutted!!!


  1. Thanks for not telling everyone that my entry didn't even get a mention, let alone a short-listing! Yes, it was a lovely evening. hugs x

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