Saturday, 17 November 2007

Summer in St Ives

Our holiday next summer has been confirmed. We have a fortnight in Seashore, our first choice. The girls are pleased. They will have two weeks on Porthmeor beach instead of being dragged round the artistic treasures of northern Italy. Alan and I will have to wait until they leave home before we're able to shoulder our rucksacks and set off for the continent again. It's a shame. The new Eurostar Terminal at St Pancras looks very inviting (and I'm not just thinking of the impressive champagne bar). Perhaps we'll manage a long weekend break in Bruges, or Strasbourg. Meanwhile we'll have to make do with cornish pasties, body boards and the south west coastal path. I'm not complaining.

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  1. Great that you've booked up for next summer (and got your first choice too!). "Seashore" looks lovely.... just looking at the photos makes me want to be there! The Bryan Pearce painting is very evocative too. Somewhat pathetically, Moira+I have actually just done a similar thing - but for October 2009!! We've booked a week for the family at "Upper Saltings" to celebrate our 60th birthdays (the time is vaguely midway between the two)... if I last that long! hugs x