Tuesday, 22 January 2008


This afternoon I made marmalade using a 'kit' from Riverford. It took me all afternoon and evening and undoubtedly cost me more than buying the equivalent number of jars from the nearest supermarket, but there is something so seasonally satisfying in transforming bitter knobbly seville oranges into sweet golden flecked preserve that will last us until it's time to make another supply next January.


  1. Whatever the formula is about how much marmalade you need to make in order to ensure it lasts a year, I don't think it would work for me! I seem to get through the stuff far too quickly.... Moira is just about to make a batch for us (me!).

  2. I suppose it depends on when and how much of it you eat. We only eat it at breakfast and not every day (sometimes we have porridge, or cereal or boiled eggs and soldiers or croissants). And even when we have toast we sometimes have strawberry jam, or lemon curd. So I guess we don't eat an awful lot.

    I made two batches last year and we have two largish jars left over, so I've settled for just the one batch this year.

    If you're up for it perhaps we can exchange a jar of ours for one of yours to see what we're up against. I have to warn you that I won 3rd prize in the Best of Bedminster competition last autumn.

  3. Ha! I clicked on comments to make just the point that Steve has made. Last year I thought I'd definitely made enough to last most of the year (I think it was about 16 jars). Steve got through it in about 4 months... I need to borrow H&F's preserving pan before I can get going.

  4. 16 jars in 4 months. That's one jar a week. You should see someone about it.