Saturday, 5 April 2008


We have an allotment in Windmill Hill City Farm. We've had it since early last year, but our first year wasn't altogether successful. Spring was taken up with the illness and death of my dad, frequent trips to Edinburgh and the visit of our French exchange student. Most of what we did grow was eaten by slugs. However we did eventually harvest a decent crop of potatoes and some onions.

I was determined that this year would be different. It may yet be but we have not made a very good start. Still, this morning we popped in to the Riverside Garden Centre to buy some seed potatoes and onion sets, and this afternoon we went down to the farm to tidy up our patch and draw up some plans for the year ahead.

Happily the allotment is in fairly good shape. The chard is thriving, as is the rhubarb. We've decided where to plant the potatoes and onions. Now we have to work out what else we would like to grow. I fancy some spinach and leeks. Alan would like to grow some sweetcorn. And we are both agreed on a few giant sunflowers by the compost bin.

Oh and we found a frog in the compost bin which was a pleasant surprise.

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