Monday, 9 June 2008


Yesterday, at Bristol's Festival of Nature, I answered a questionnaire to find the size of my eco-footprint. I scored 73 which placed me in the 60-120 bracket, the European average. Apparently if everybody lived as I do, we would need an entire extra planet to support us. Not good. But it was better than beig in the next bracket (120-180), the UK average, requiring three planet earths.

However, on looking back over my scores, I discovered that I could 'easily' reduce my score by 17 points by switching to green energy (13 points), reducing my consumption of meat (2 points) and installing a water butt in our back garden (2 points).

Funnily enough these are all things I was planning to do - at some stage! In fact I have been meaning to change to a green energy supplier since the Organic Food Festival in 2006 (or was it 2005!) It's just that I haven't done it ... yet!

Reducing my score to less than 60 would make my existence sustainable, which is definitely worth the renewed effort.

Watch this space for my progress!

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