Sunday, 28 September 2008

Credit where credit is due - No thank you!

This morning we received a letter from Barclaycard advising us that our credit limit has been increased by 50% 'to help you make the most of your card'.

We had not asked for our credit limit to be increased and, given that we have never come near the old limit, there would appear to have been no reason why we would require this to happen.

In view of the precarious nature of the current economic climate, tempting customers to borrow more seems to me to be highly irresponsible, which is what we intend to advise Barclaycard when we write and ask them to leave our credit limit where it is, than you very much.


  1. Hi Gai,

    Barclaycard are the worst for sending unsolicited credit card offers. I took action by using their franked reply envelopes as a dump for all my waste envelopes, before posting. I have not had another.

    As for limits, stick to your own limit that way you control the finance, not them.

  2. Scary stuff isn't it? You can see how easily people get so sucked in to debt.

  3. Hi John. You're right. The number of unsolicited letters I've received from banks etc has fallen considerably since I took similar action.

    You're right Alice. I'm inclined to wish there were steps taken to prohibit it.

  4. Would part of the trouble be that banks don't know how to stop themselves from borrowing?