Friday, 19 September 2008

Words Fail Me (... well almost!)

This afternoon I was walking down East Street. A young woman came out of baker's with a sandwich in her hand. As she walked down the road towards me she removed the sandwich from the paper bag it was wrapped in, scrunched it up and dropped it on the pavement. This was quickly followed by the paper napkin. Then she opened the sandwich, and I'm guessing she'd had her 5-a-day at breakfast because she proceeded to remove the slices of cucumber and tomato and drop them one by one to the ground.

It was the casual ease with which she carried out these actions that really struck me - as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

As I said ... words fail me.


  1. outrageous.
    how absolutely outrageous!
    ... think I might have had to confront her (and probably come in for a load of abuse from her and other passers-by!).

  2. I was so gobsmacked that it wasn't until much further down the road that I even thought of what I might have done. But you're right. Any comments I might have made would more than likely p.rovoked a string of expletives

  3. Hi Gai and Stevie,

    As Zero Waste enthusiasts, you will become well known around supermarkets etc, as I have.

    Beware of agents provocateur. On one of my recent, well notified visits to a superstore, I was shadowed by a femme fatale but at that early time of day and the necessity of the task in hand, it was a non-starter.

    I am always watchful because negative publicity would harm the Zero Waste trend.

  4. That's terrible. It just stuns me that some people do that.

  5. I have a friend who picks up rubbish, runs after the dropper, hands it to them and says (very politely) "Excuse me, I think you dropped this".

    It's a matter of holding one's nerve and being quick off the mark.