Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Who's Bright Idea Was All This?

We are in the throes of major house renovations. It started in the autumn with the installation of a new combi boiler and two new radiators in the living and dining rooms, followed by a loft conversion, continuing with the installation of double glazing to the front of the house, preceding the rendering and painting of the facade and finishing with the stripping of the ground floor floorboards and the tiling of the kitchen and bathroom.

If I tell you that we live in a fairly untidy house packed to the gunnels with stuff that we should have got rid of years ago, you will begin to realise the scale of our predicament. But the sheer horror of it all will only set in when I add that, during the course of these proceedings we have also had to deal with a week's visit from our French exchange student, my younger daughter's exacerbated eczema, the death of my husband's mother, a leaky shower and the flu which laid my younger daughter and me low for most of last week. Happy days!

Still, we're all alive and (relatively) well and the house will look marvellous when it's finished - or at least that's what I keep telling myself. And sometimes I even believe it!


  1. Yes - it will Gill. And you will love the combi boiler also. We had one fitted about 2 years ago, also with fairly major refurbishment etc. Sorry you have had such a bad week - things can only get better!

    A x

  2. Oh it's always worse than you ever imagine it will be isn't it? Nothing ever feels 'done'. But you're right, it will be worth all the hardship and effort. Would love to see more pics when it's done! xxx