Sunday, 20 February 2011

Food for the Soul

Last night was Curry Night at my local church (St Aldhelm's, Bedminster). Under the direction of one of our members, a group of us transformed the rear end of our church into a restaurant where we served chicken and vegetable curries, rice, naan bread, a trio of side dishes, gulab jamuns and pista kulfi.

It was hard work but well worth it, judging by all the compliments we've received. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly. There was a healthy mixture of ages, backgrounds and religious persuasions. Diners lingered over their drinks and their conversations mingled with the bhangra music.

The church had a distinctly spicy aroma as we walked in this morning.

However, our efforts were a mere foretaste of what is to come. Watch this space for details of a pop up restaurant coming this way!


  1. pop up restaurant? i need to know more!

  2. Hi Gai,

    Sounds like a lovely evening. Did you make the food too?

    Kay :)

  3. No, I'm afraid not Kay, though I did dice several kilos of chicken breasts!

    Details have yet to be finalised, Blue Hands, but Castellanos, a Fishponds charcuterie/deli/traiteur will be offering a 3 course All Things Pig menu on 1 and 2 April. Will keep you posted.