Friday, 4 February 2011


Bristol's famous for street art (think Banksy). I recently came across Bristol Street Art an impressive catalogue of the city's most prominent artworks, with photos and locations.

Then there're Upfest, an annual urban paint festival, which I missed last year but which I hope to catch this June.

This afternoon I accompanied a school trip which started off in the Upfest Gallery and then proceeded to the workshop where the children were let loose (under close supervision I hasten to add) with spray paint cans. I found the smell of the paint fumes unbearable but I was impressed with the end result.


  1. That sounds really cool! I bet the kids enjoyed it - did you join in?
    I went to see the Banksy exhibition at Bristol museum a year or two ago, it was Amazing! Did you go?

  2. The kids loved it. I was pretty tied up helping them with their masks, overalls etc to join in Besides which the smell was quite overpowering after a while.

    I did catch the Banksy exhibition. We had to queue for about 3 hours but the atmosphere was festive and the quality of the art more than justified the wait.

  3. Was this picture done by one of the kids in the class or by one of the artists?

  4. Welcome notesfromrumblycottage (what a delightful name!). Thanks for your comment.

    One of the artists outlined the word in white. The kids painted between the lines and then another artist outlined again in black. It's the way they do it to achieve a crisp finish.

    I've enjoyed scrolling through your blog and will pop back to see how you're doing. I'd been interested to know how you came across mine.