Monday, 31 January 2011

Anyone for Coffee?

On Saturday I helped at a local Freecycle event.

For those of you who haven't come across one before, what happens is that people bring along stuff they no longer want, lay it out on tables and allow other people to take it away ... for free. It's brilliant!

We donated our old telly. It was still there when I left ... carrying an an espresso coffee machine, half a dozen spice jars and a set of three handkerchieves!

I'm a sucker for containers, and the handkerchieves will help reduce paper waste, but it was the espresso machine that had me most excited. I've fancied one for some time now but they are expensive and I couldn't justify the investment.
Imagine my disappointment when, after giving it a good clean, I discovered that it uses Nespresso capsules instead of ground coffee.

These are wrong on two counts. Firstly, because they are made by Nestle, a company that I have boycotted for many years, and secondly because they produce unnecessary aluminium waste.

So the machine has to go. Thank goodness there's another event in Spring!


  1. What a disappointment, but well done for sticking to your principles! We
    feel exactly the same about Nestle & those evil pods...

  2. Freecycling sounds like a fantastic way to get the spring de-cluttering done! I'm sorry your espresso machine didn't work out, but spice jars and handkerchiefs hopefully made up for it.

  3. I'm pleased to report that I've found someone who's happy to relieve me of my unwanted espresso machine. All's well that ends well.

    I wish I'd been more organised and got rid of more items, Cameron, but I hope to be better prepared for the next one in spring. It's always possible to advertise on the website but much less convenient than just carrying it down the road.