Tuesday, 18 January 2011

English as it is Wrote (1)!

Every so often the Book People man delivers a box of books to my place of work, returning a week later to process any orders.

Today's list read:

Sounds Of The Wild Birds
Maths For Mum's & Dad's
Read At Home 31 Book Pack
Bedtime Story's In A Bag
Best Ever 500 Recipes
1000 Home Remedies
Hairy Bikers Mum's Know Best
Hairy Mc Clary Magnet Book
Time's Atlas of Great Britain
Walkers Britain
15 Min Home Workout
Colour Me Beautiful
Big Book Of Top Gear 2011

I make that 7 errors. Can you spot them all?

If we ever get that English Academy it'll certainly have its work cut out for it!


  1. love it!
    WE should take over the world... x

  2. Just clarify for me: this was what was listed on their order form, not the ACTUAL book titles? (please let it be so). I make it seven too.

  3. Sorry Blue Hands. I didn't make it clear enough that it was the list on the order form I was describing.

  4. Looks like they had a box of apostrophes for Christmas and couldn't wait to use them but in their excitement they left one out of the only place it should have gone.

    Just looked up 'Walkers' Britain' and on Amazon the title suggest they have just one walker in mind. It will be interesting to know what the actual title on the book is - we have Book People drop books off where I work too, so we might have the same list soon.

  5. It was in fact Walker's Britian, Karin, but it could just as well have been Walkers' Britain.

    I'm going to email the company to point our their sloppy grammar. I'll copy you in on any response I receive.

  6. Well I suppose we should be grateful it isn't English for Mum's and Dad's.

  7. Thanks for your comment Sue. I came to your blog via Yarnstorm and have been enjoying browsing through your archives. Great stuff. I'll be back.