Tuesday, 4 January 2011

No Impact Experiment

Although I've heard of No Impact Man previously, I have Karin over at Green and Generous to thank for alerting me to his project. See here for all the details but basically it's an experiment to test how sustainable my life is and what changes I need to make to reduce my footprint on the earth.

The challenge started on Sunday 2 January but, as I didn't read about it until yesterday, I've decided to delay it by a week, which also gives me time to read through the documentation and prepare myself mentally and physically for the tasks ahead.

Why not give it go yourself and compare notes with me through the course of the week?


  1. I am interested in the experiment indeed, Gai.

    I can well imagine my weak spot: driving. But I am also caring and that's where driving comes in.

    What are the green solutions for Bristol, I wonder?

    Getting rid of the profiteering and inefficient First Bus, and replacing it with a free and functioning service might help.


  2. I'm fortunate enough not to have to drive but I'm fully prepared to discover my own personal weaknesses during the course of this week. I've been following a couple of other bloggers' progress last week and it's been enlightening to read about their experiences.

    I agree with you about Bristol public transport. It's woefully inadequate and needs a radical rethink. However I can't see any of the major parties being courageous enough to do so. So I just go about on foot or catch the occasional bus.