Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sunshine in a Jar

Yesterday I made marmalade. Riverford made it so simple with their Marmalade Kit, complete with Seville organges, lemons and a recipe. There's even a video tutorial on their website!

There's something so gratifying about turning a brown paper bag's worth of fruit into six gleaming jars of preserve to spread on your morning toast.

I love the nubbly surface of a Seville orange.
I love cutting the peel into thin strips.
I love it that nothing gets wasted and that even the pith and the pips play their part in the process.
I love the way the peel turns transluscent when it's boiled in the sugar syrup.
I love watching the surface crinkle when testing for the setting point.
I love pouring the amber liquid flecked with golden peel into the warm jars.
I love the crackle of the celophane covers as they tighten.
I love the rows of jars on my shelf.
I love making marmalade.


  1. I thought about it a few days ago when I saw some Seville oranges for sale - but that's about as far as it will get I think! Hope you enjoy yours. A

  2. Have noticed the kits on Riverford's website & wondered if they work well - love marmalade & have vowed to make lots of home made jams, chutneys & pickles this year. well done - you've inspired me!

  3. Hi there- perfectly put! I usually find marmalade making quite a meditative, relaxing process, or at least I did until my little disaster. There is something very, very lovely about having a shelf filled with jars of homemade preserves - jams and pickles and things - isn't there?

  4. I would heartily recommend the Riverford's kit, Kay It may well be cheaper to buy the fruit loose but having them all delivered in the one bag made it much simpler. The recipe was easy to follow and I liked the suggestion of removing the zest before cutting and squeezing the fruit. A lot less fiddly.

    I felt for you Charlotte. If it's any consolation this is my best batch in a few years. Previous attempts have resulted in marmalade so runny it wouldn't stay on my toast or too thick to spread. I've often wondered whether a sugar thermometer would be a worthwhile investment. Do you use one?

  5. I had a kit delivered on Friday and am hoping to have time to turn it into marmalade sometime in the next 7 days. If all else fails I heard that I can freeze the fruit until I have the time.

    Your post has given me encouragement that my efforts might not be in vain. It is some while since I last made marmelade.

  6. Go for it Karin. I'm sure you'll do fine.