Monday, 11 July 2011

Wow! Gorillas 2, 3, 4 & 5

I've been down by the harbour quite a bit this weekend and have spotted four more colourful gorillas.

Sabyinyo is one of two gorillas in Millenium Square. How I wish they'd stuck to the original plan to call it New World Square. So much more poetic.

My Kind of Bristol is the second. This is a very clever one. On one flank are written facts about Bristol and on the other about gorillas. I was particularly interested to learn that Gloucester Road has the longest row of independent traders anywhere in Europe. Now there's a statistic to be proud of!

I was tickled to see that some kind soul had left a banana and a handful of peanuts in front of each of these gorillas.

The S Express stands outside the Arnolfini and represents gorillas controlling and occupying a train. Given that it's right next to a statue of Cabot staring up the harbour in the direction of the open sea' it's a pity the gorilla's not facing in the same direction. Hey ho!

There was plenty for him to look at on Saturday, including The Matthew, home after a 4 month voyage.

This flowery gorilla is called Priscilla and she (?) can be found outside the newly opened M Shed.

We popped in a quarter of an hour before closing, just long enough to see photos of our recent yarnbombing extravaganza in the Bedminster section and find our house on the giant floor map. A proper visit is another of my summer holiday projects.

The harbour is a truly wonderful sight on a sunny afternoon.

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