Friday, 15 July 2011

Wow! Gorillas 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10

On my way in to town yesterday to pick up my younger daughter's Harry Potter tickets, I took in a few more gorillas.

Going Gone Gorilla is in Queen Square.

It's painted in heat sensitive paint changing from black to white to reveal the underlying text which details some of the abuse suffered by gorillas in the wild.

Blackbeardorilla is appropriately situated outside the Llandoger Trow, the 17th century pub that was Robert Louis Stevenson's inspiration for the Admiral Benbow in Treasure Island.

I love this gorilla's facial features!

I was disappointed by the location of Crystal Eyes, in the window of Stanfords on Corn Street, which made it difficult to fully appreciate and impossible to photograph from the street. I guess it's because of the electric light inside the gorilla which shines through holes drilled all over his body.

The Apple of my Eye in Colston Circus was much easier to capture. The street cafe in the background is the Fair Cup which sells excellent fairtrade coffee and reuseable travel mugs. The also give away boxes of coffee grounds for compost.

A close up showing the trademark eyes of this fruity gorilla.

And finally, Distinctly Different at the top of the cascade steps on the harbourside. There must be a reason for its name but I'm afraid I failed to discover what it is. You'll have to wait until I pass that way again.


  1. Love the gorillas! What a novel way to celebrate the zoo's anniversary - we've just looked at their website...

    Great photos Gai!

    Kay & Sime :)

  2. Hi, another Bristolian gorilla spotter here. So I thought I'd come over and wave at you! Love your photos, are you going to go to Birmingham? Why, oh why did they put one there? :) all the best Joanna

  3. It's great to see people's reactions to the gorillas, Kay & Sime. They never fail to bring a smile to their faces.

    Hi Joanna. Nice of you to drop by. No, I'm not planning to go to Birmingham. I've commissioned a friend to take a photo for me instead.