Sunday, 1 February 2015

February Challenge

Having got rid of 396 bits of stuff last month I am anxious not to replace them.  So my challenge for February is not to buy anything I don't need.

My original plan was to restrict this to non food items.  However, given that I don't normally buy an awful lot else, and having enough on my shelves and in the freezer to provide us with the foundation for a good many meals, I've decided to extend it to include food.

Part of the reason for this glut is not checking what I have before going out shopping and coming home with stuff already in stock.  So the first step is to make a list.

Meanwhile I have today bought the following:

3 kg of demerara sugar
for a second batch of marmalade
essential to catch the Seville oranges before they disappear from the greengrocers

1 tin of chickpeas
to make a bowl of hummus
 to eat with the loaf of semolina and sesame seed bread I bought at Mark's Bread yesterday

Tonight's dinner (Thai green curry with noodles) will be prepared entirely from stock.

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