Sunday, 15 November 2015

This Weekend

This weekend ...

... I paid an early morning visit to Sanctum where I listened to an intriguing soundscape and a tap dancer, followed by breakfast at Harts Bakery

... I helped plant an orchard on a derelict plot in Bedminster

... I attended Quaker Meeting for Worship where a Friend reminded us that hope does not always have a happy ending.  It's tenuous and sometimes you have to hold on tight to stop it slipping from your grasp.


  1. How lovely that an orchard has been planted on a derelict plot in Bedminster. When I see wasteland in the city I always think how nice it would be to see it transformed into a garden or orchard. Wonderful.

    1. I've just recently joined a group who 'adopt' small patches of land and fill them with plants. It makes such a difference to the urban landscape.