Friday, 1 January 2016


I have succumbed to the recent trend of choosing a word to inspire me during the course of the year ahead.  I pride myself on not jumping on bandwagons but on this occasion I think it makes sense.  Traditional new year's resolutions can very easily, or at least in my experience, become hostages to fortune.  A word is so much more forgiving, especially if it's regarded as being more of an aspiration rather than a fixed goal post.

Anyway, my word for 2016 is 'sustainable'.

It has been prompted by recent events including the Paris Climate Change Conference and the floods in the north of England and Scotland.  The environmental aspect of it is fairly obvious but I'd like to extend it to other areas of my life.  Here are some of the ways in which I'd like to see it work out in practice:

  • I'd like to eat less meat and more plants
  • I'd like to cut down even further on my energy consumption
  • I'd like to get rid of more 'stuff', preferably to other people rather than landfill
  • I'd like to get more sleep
  • I'd like to redress my work/life balance
  • I'd like to make more time for people
  • I'd like to grow more of my own food and prepare more meals from scratch
  • I'd like to push sustainability higher up on the agenda during the coming electoral campaigns
There's plenty to be getting on with!


  1. There certainly is plenty to be getting on with! Great word to focus on.

  2. What a great list, most inspiring. I'm wishing you every success, and a very happy New Year. CJ xx