Sunday, 30 March 2008

Railway Path Saved

This afternoon I attended the Save the Railway Path rally on College Green. The more dedicated protesters had cycled or walked in along the path from Fishponds and arrived shortly after I did. We listened to the end of another remarkable performance from the Ambling Band and then heard from a few activists and supporters, including two very well spoken children. It seems that the protesters have forced the council to shelve the plan to run a rapid transit bus route along the railway path. What possessed them to even consider it in the first place beats me. Not living in East Bristol I have never used the path but I understand that it serves a much greater function than its name suggests and is beloved of walkers, children on their way to and from school, families relaxing at the weekend, and a variety of small creatures. Anyway, it's safe - for the moment at any rate.

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  1. We live beside a wonderful path that used to be a railway line.

    Because of its embankments and cuttings, it makes a level walk all the way to town out of what would be hard-work-hilly if we were to walk along the roads.

    There must be thousands of people who use it, locals and tourists alike (it goes through woods and beside the sea). But,last year, there was a move to re-instate the railway and leave a very narrow path alongside it for pedestrians to squeeze along.

    I think car-using planners think trains are inevitably a 'good thing'. It simply doesn't strike them that people may already be using their feet.

    Susan Harwood