Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Today was one of those days that doesn't show much promise at the outset, but then surprises by getting better and better. I'd decided to attack the pile of ironing teetering at the bottom of our bed but, with the sun emerging from behind the clouds, I only got as far as the third item of clothing before I abandoned my iron in favour of a trowel.

I find gardening utterly addictive so, after repotting and staking the Red Alert bush tomato plants my friend Moira had given me yesterday evening, I planted out another Marmande and a squash. Of course I then had to rearrange the garden to find room for the new plants. Next I remembered that the front garden was looking a bit untidy, so I did some weeding and trimmed the Russian tarragon. What with all that, and the need to stop every now and then to admire our poppies, watch the bees disappear into the foxglove and spot the frogs under the lily pads, I was out in the garden for hours.

The ironing will just have to wait until the next rainy day!

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