Thursday, 3 June 2010

Stress Busting

A couple of months ago I started attending a weekly yoga class. My daughter sits her A levels this month and yoga was suggested as a means of dealing with stress in the run up to her exams. I decided to go along to keep her company. We found an evening class just round the corner run by a cheery young woman who puts us through our paces without taking it too seriously. The first couple of times I felt every muscle in my body the next morning, but it's getting easier. It makes me more aware of my body, how it works and what I can do to to improve my wellbeing. However my best bit is still the last 15 minutes when we get to lie flat on our backs and are given a short shiatsu massage. Bliss!


  1. My daughter is doing her A levels this year too, but we gave up on the yoga some while ago. I keep meaning to start again, but need to find the time.

  2. Well Karin, I don't know whether it had anything to do with the yoga but she survived the exams, got the grades she wanted and is now at university. I meant to carry on after she left but haven't done so ... yet!