Thursday, 10 May 2012

Crisis in the Kitchen

This evening when I switched on my oven to preheat as I wrapped my gammon joint in foil, I heard a ping and saw a red flash.  Our 20 year old oven had finally given up the ghost

While its timing could undoubtedly have been much worse (think Christmas morning!), it wasn't entirely convenient with a friend coming for dinner and an uncooked joint sitting on the worktop.  Some quick thinking was called for.  I unwrapped the gammon, sliced it thickly and popped it under the luckily still functioning grill.

This was a meal designed around 'the side', Quince Tree's tangy pineapple and chilli salsa.  It looked so fresh and juicy that I just had to try it out.   A slice of gammon struck me as the ideal partner.  And it was.  Thanks Sue.

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