Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Back to Fasting

I followed the 5:2 Fast Diet during Lent last year, broke it at Easter and never returned.

But after having overindulged at Christmas and partaken of the puddings I cooked for our French exchange student teacher for the past fortnight, I think a second attempt at it is long overdue.

Today I skipped breakfast, had a big bowlful of vegetable soup for lunch, and a generous serving of dhal and rice with a tomato. cucumber and spring onion salad for tea, with an apple still to come.  I've drunk camomile tea all day.

I've been collecting low carbohydrate, low calorie recipes on my Pinterest board but would love to hear from anyone who's following the diet to swap tips and recipes.


  1. We are doing this diet too. One one of the fast days I always make a vegetable soup. It's really simple, just fry an onion then add stock, vegetables (600g of whatever for our family) and whatever spices or herbs you want. If it's carrot I'll fry them in with the onion, if it's peas I'll put them in with the stock. When it's all cooked, then blend. This meal is fantastic! It is so cheap, so low calorie and so filling. Even better, all the kids like it! That makes 2 meals that all the kids will eat! (The other is pizza). The kids eat as much bread as they like with it, we eat as much as our remaining calorie count allows, and everyone is happy.

    1. I agree Amanda. There's nothing to beat a steaming bowl of soup on a cold wet winter's day (and we've had more than our share of them recently!). This week it was celery, at 35 calories for a small bowlful. I had a big bowl but even so I had plenty of calories in hand for a plateful of Southern-Style Rice for tea. I tend to cook enough lunch and tea to last me two days. It saves having to calorie count four meals.