Wednesday, 1 January 2014

On the Eighth Day of Christmas ...

I made Celeriac and Bacon Soup from Nigel Slater's Kitchen Dairies II.

I received this recipe book last Christmas but have not used it much.  So this year I'm going to follow it (not slavishly as there's no point in setting myself up for a fall) but wherever possible.

Last night worked.  We had a celeriac lurking at the bottom of the vegetable box and a couple of soda farls in the freezer.  The perfect antidote to the rich festive fare we've been eating recently.

PS  Re New Year's resolutions.  I note the trend to choose a word to reflect one's aspirations for the coming year.  In the spirit of this I have chosen 'organise' as it's something I feel I could do with!

I've also resolved to be kinder on myself - and other people - when things don't always go to plan!

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