Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Dump Your Junk: Day 7 (+ Review of Week 1)

These old alumnium foil trays have loitered too long on the top shelf of my kitchen cupboard.  I harboured good intentions of reusing them, but never did, and probably never will.  I held on to them out of guilt for buying cheap disposables in the first place.  Fortunately our council recycles foil so they're in the black bin waiting for Friday's collection and I won't be buying any more.   

Week 1
So far so good.  Working through cupboards and drawers I've had no difficulty finding items I can happily part with.  It's as if this challenge has given me permission to dump stuff  I've been wanting to get rid of for years but never felt confident enough to do so.

You should try it.


  1. Hi are a great inspiration!! Been wanting to do this for years actually looking forward now to de-cluttering my home! Many thanks!!

    1. Go for it Sheila. It's proving to be a thoroughly liberating experience and I'm looking forward to having more space to live in.