Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Dump Your Junk: Days 22 - 27

A combination of long hours at work, hosting a French student and delivering leaflets for the Green Party has left me with little time to sort, count and photo my daily collections.
  However I have been continuing to dump junk.
  Here's the evidence.

Day 22
More clothes, including two gowns (one adult, one child) commissioned for a Harry Potter themed birthday party.

Day 23
More plastic cutlery!

Day 24
I made a batch of Seville orange marmalade and, rifling through my collection of lids, I decided to bin any that were less than perfect.  The stripey socks date from my girls' secondary school days and the Barbie kite to when they were still in primary school!   

Day 25
I cleared out a drawer-full of old gift bags.  Most of them will end up in the recycling bin but I managed to salvage a few for the charity shop. 

Day 26
The last of the plastic cutlery (yeah!) displayed on an old tea towel to mark the day when the Church of England finally got round to consecrating a woman bishop!  

Day 27
I ventured under our bed and found a pile of old crockery.  The egg poaching pan has been claimed by a colleague at work.  And I never really felt comfortable in those thongs!

Back up to date again!

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