Monday, 26 May 2008

Carbon Credit Crunch

Well, it looks as if the government is getting cold feet on the carbon credit issue. The Environmental Audit Committee has declared that personal carbon credits would be more effective than green taxation. However Hilary Benn, has criticised the scheme as being 'ahead of its time'.

Forgive me, but isn't that the whole point of green policy - to at the very least keep abreast of and, if at all possible, overtake the destruction we are wreaking on our planet. Anything less is just painting over the cracks.

George Monbiot has backed the scheme. It was at a meeting addressed by him last year that I first heard of CRAGs (Carbon Rationing Action Groups). I took the first tentative step in trying to set one up locally with a few of my friends (most of whom were up for it) but I didn't get any further. So I'm going to print out a spreadsheet and have a go at working out my own carbon footprint - and maybe even get around to forming that group!

I'll let you know how I get on. Meanwhile, if there's anyone out there who's been there and done that and bought the T-shirt (no honestly, there is a T shirt!) please leave a comment.

PS The David Milliband carbon credit card is taken from the Marches Energy Agency website

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