Monday, 5 May 2008

Compost Awareness Week

I've just learned that this week is Compost Awareness Week. There is a website packed with ideas. Do check it out.

We have a compost bin in our back garden which is coming along quite nicely, and another on our allotment which is also home to a frog. I've always fancied a wormery but, not having space to bring it indoors during the winter, I'm afraid of the worms dying of cold. Bokashi bins sound fun, but again I wouldn't know where to put one.

Fortunately our council operates a weekly food waste collection, which has greatly reduced the amount of rubbish we send to the landfill site.

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  1. We've got a compost bin in our garden - with Brandling Worms in it.

    We don't empty it in the winter - and don't cover it either.

    But we don't empty it completely in the autumn - and the worms are clearly less active while it is cold because the undigested compost mounts up - but they don't die either - and we are able to re-empty it in the spring. (We take the compost out twice a year.)

    It's one of the tall black plastic kinds with a slide up hatch at the bottom - incredibly ugly - but it works.