Sunday, 11 May 2008

Global Worming

I have now fulfilled a long term ambition (see previous post) and bought a wormery. Alan and I visited Bristol's first ever Ethical Expo yesterday morning where Bubble House Worm Farm had a stand. We were so impressed with their Herb Planter Wormery, and their tag line ('promoting global worming') which I nicked, that we bought one and carried it home in the bus. I don't know how the passenger in front of me would have felt had he/she known that the container on my lap was full of hundreds of wiggly worms. The girls were not terribly impressed but I hope they will be won over when they see them in action. I would have given you the link to their website but it is temporarily out of action.

Th expo was perhaps not as big as I expected and there wasn't nearly enough food for me, but it was nonetheless very interesting and informative. Well done to the organisers. One useful piece of information that I did pick up at the council's composting stand, is that in a few weeks' time there will be one of five new Bristol Tetra Pak recycling collection points at Asda Bedminster. I have started washing out and collecting juice and milk cartons, which a friend of mine was going to take to an out of town site. Now I will be able to recycle them myself. Well done Bristol.


  1. Well done on your wormery purchase, were the worms not in a bag - were they just roaming in the pots?
    we went to london aware on sunday - it was very hot, lots of stands with some great ideas. There were 2 wormeries on view both from wormcity one was there especially for the kids to put their hands into and touch the worms, the kids loved it !!

  2. I'm wondering if you know about 'Blotanical'?

    It's a website which links people who have gardening / allotment blogs (or blogs which include gardening and allotmenteering).

    I've found a lot of the blogs I've come across through it quite interesting.

    (Sound like an advert!)


  3. Yay, a wormery. How are they doing?
    Now that the weather is warmer, I'm desperately trying to get used to the little white flies when I open the lid. Apparently they're no trouble, just little fruit flies who have found a great home. ;-D

  4. Sorry for the delay in responding to your comments.

    Geoff - The worms came in a separate container in their own soil. I was surprised at my willingness to dig my hands into the soil without feeling at all squeamish. I wouldn't have done the same had they been slugs!

    Susan - Thanks for the link to Blotanical. What a great idea. I found one blog from Bristol (there were actually two listed, but the other was from Rhode Island, USA)- an OAP whose allotment looks a lot healthier than mine. The wet weather has prevented much human activity on our allotment recently but I bet it has only encouraged more plant activity, especially weeds. I'll need to take a machete with me the next time I visit.

    Almost Mrs Average - I'm still enjoying my wormery, although I'm still not too sure how much to feed them and am probably erring on the low side. I had one or two flies during the hot spell but the wet weather has driven them away. I was given a small tub of lime to sprinkle over the compost once a month, which I believe helps to keep flies down.