Sunday, 3 August 2008

Busy Weekend

It's been a busy old weekend!

On Saturday we visited Bristol's International Harbour Festival. Although, as its name suggests, it's centered around the harbour, we almost missed the boats out altogether, there was so much else to do. We started with two pieces of modern dance, the first from the Martha Graham Dance Company from New York and the second from the Nacho Duato's Compania Nacional de Danza from Madrid. The photo is of one of the Spanish dancers. Next we wandered round the French and Italian street markets where we bought some tartiflette (an unctuous combination of potatoes, bacon, mushrooms, double cream and Reblochon cheese) washed down with a mango lassi (from the Indian food stall!) Finally we found ourselves a space on the grass and settled down to enjoy an afternoon's musical entertainment. First on was Asere, a lively Cuban band, followed by Beth Rowley, Bristol's up and coming R&B/soul singer, and rounded off by my favourite, Sheelanagig, a delightfully wacky folk band.

This afternoon we walked up to Goldney Gardens for the annual Amnesty International Garden Party. The rain held off long enough for us to browse the stalls, sign a few postcards, buy a few books and take a turn round the garden. Which took us nicely to our favourite local band, Fromage en Feu's, slot in the Orangery. We sat and drank tea and ate cake to their lively music before heading off down the hill. Fromage en Feu are apparently releasing their first album in September and if it's as good as their live performances then it'll be worth the investment. Meanwhile they are on at the Tobacco Factory next Sunday evening at 8 pm.


  1. What a lovely day and the tartiflette and mango lassi sound wonderful. A x

  2. Not so busy that you've stopped blogging for good I hope?

  3. Sorry Richard for the long silence. I have been away on holiday for a fortnight but am back now, so normal service will resume just as soon as I have unpacked!