Monday, 25 August 2008


We returned from a fortnight in St Ives to find the brown envelope containing my elder daughter's eagerly awaited GCSE results. She did very well (1 A*, 8 As, 1 B and 1 C), a fitting reward for the tremendous amount of hard work she has put in over the past months.

So today, as promised, we made 'pedas'. In India, where I was born and brought up, important events, such as births, engagements and success in examinations and interviews, are marked by the distribution among family and friends of boxes of 'pedas', a sweetmeat prepared from milk, sugar, pistachios and cardamom. Unfortunately we don't have any Indian sweetmeat marts in our neighbourhood, so we resorted to making them ourselves, and I am pleased with the results A sliver of edible silver paper would not have gone amiss but they look, and taste, pretty good as they are.


  1. They do look delicious Gai - and very well done to your daughter. Wonderful results.

    A x

  2. Thank you Strawberry Anne Jam. Your jam looked pretty impressive too. I sympathise with your anxiety re consistency. However I usually err the other way and produce marmalade which I have difficulty keeping on my toast. I keep promising to buy myself one of those jam thermometers in the hope that it will solve the problem but it may no prove any more effective than the good old fashioned saucer test.