Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Holiday Recycling

Our fortnight in St Ives was my first holiday since I started taking zero waste more seriously, and I discovered that it is not so easy to achieve as when I am at home in Bristol.

While we were waiting to collect our keys to the cottage we had a cup of tea in the beach cafe. The tea came in a corrugated paper cup which wouldn't have been too bad if there had been a paper recycling bin to pop it in, but it had a plastic lid and the milk came in individual plastic containers.

I hadn't realised how accustomed I'd grown to separating my rubbish and I missed my compost bin and wormery. We looked for the glass bottle recycling bins but they weren't where they used to be and we thought we were going to have to bin our bottles until we discovered a row of colourful recycling bins at the far end of Porthmeor Beach. There was another on Porthminster Beach. So we were atleast able to recycle paper, glass and plastic bottles and aluminium cans.

I was pleased to see that cloth shopping bags were available at the Coop, Seasalt and the excellent Fore Street Deli. They weren't expensive and were rather attractive. In fact, if I hadn't already had such a collection I would have been tempted myself.


  1. I love the fact that I'm not the only one who's photographing bins on hols. Thanks for the BIN 101 entry, it's now up and there's something special waiting for you at the Rubbish Diet too...hee hee, come and see ;-D x

  2. My first award! I'm gobsmacked. Thank you very much.

  3. I have to admit to getting carried away with the whole cloth shopping bag thing. There are some really nice ones about. I succumbed at the weekend and 'invested' in one of the fabulous RSC ones. Too good to turn down.