Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Never say never.

This morning I went running for the first time.  Well, maybe it wasn't the very first time, but I can't remember the last time I jogged, which is pretty much the same thing.

The reason for this unprecedented burst of activity?  Well, last week I logged on to the NHS website and calculated my BMI.  You can do so for yourself (if you dare!) here.  Now I'm not going for full disclosure.  Suffice to say it was not within the acceptable parameters.  It appears (as if I didn't already know it!) that I need to lose weight.

So I'm going to eat more healthily ... and I'm going to exercise.

Fellow Scot, Claire, at Far From Harm Farm, alerted me to the NHS's Couch to 5K programme which does what it says on the tin, ie gets couch potatoes to running 5k in 9 weeks.  It's an audio plan.  Download it on to your MP3 player and away you go.  The lovely Laura tells you what to do and when and there's music to entertain you en route.

So far so good.  Tomorrow is a rest day.  Training continues on Thursday morning.  Wish me luck.  I'm going to need it.

Photo courtesy of NHS Choices


  1. I do wish you luck. I get tempted by these step-by-step programmes, then think - will my knees take it? will I need new trainers? will I have to wear lycra? and sink back onto the sofa... So getting to the point of actually starting is very impressive. xx

  2. I have been tempted by that program so many times. I HATE running though. I have started getting up early and doing some exercise at home - and one of these days I will start running so I can keep up with my kids at charity runs next year. That's the plan anyway.

  3. It's taken me a few weeks blue hands and time will tell how long I stick at it.

    I don't like running either dotty cookie but I am reliably informed that it can become addictive and am hoping that this is true.

  4. i'm so excited you have started the program. i loved it; it was challenging but i always managed to dig deep and do what laura asked, namely, don't stop! you will see your stamina build up quickly and that will pay dividends in other areas of your life. i'm now planning to run a 5k (after my ankle sprain heals - nonrelated injury btw!!)

  5. Well done - hope you're going on ok!

    Kay :)

  6. Just completed Week 2 and still going strong! Thanks for all your kind words.