Friday, 27 July 2012

Barley Wood

I love walled kitchen gardens - fruit trees espaliered across weathered brick, seried rows of rainbow chard, cane wigwams buried under the weight of runner beans, explosions of rhubarb, the heady scent of culinary herbs.  A patchwork quilt of texture and colour.  I have fond memories of our visit to the Lost Gardens of Heligan and hope to reacquaint myself with them in the near future but meanwhile I have discovered an equally enticing kitchen garden a mere 30 minute bus ride from where I live.

Barley Wood is situated on a south facing slope overlooking the gently undulating Mendip Hills and on Wednesday evening the Malago WI saw it at its best, bathed in mellow evening sunlight.  We wandered at will before chancing upon the gardener who was more than happy to answer a wide variety of questions.

True to WI tradition the evening ended with a cup of tea and the opportunity to sample a variety of luscious cakes in the Epicurian cafe.   

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  1. Looks good & hope you'll come & see us next time you go to Heligan!

    Kay :)