Friday, 28 September 2012

Fine Pluck

Not long ago Bruce and Sarah Stanley, a couple we'd come to know in Bristol, did what many dream of but few attempt, that is they upped sticks and went to live the good life in rural Wales.

This week they launched Fine Pluck a range of home-grown, hand-picked, artfully-blended herbal and wild teas.

I ordered two packs (rosebay willowherb leaf, wood betony & hawthorn and elderflower, yarrow & chocolate peppermint).  They arrived yesterday, slightly squashed by thankfully still intact, despite our postie forcing the packet through our vicious letter flap.

Not everyone appreciates the unusual flavours of herbal tea but I do, as an occasional alternative to a regular brew, and these blends not only taste fresh and aromatic but are attractive to look at with their delicate leaves and miniature flowers.

The website is not only a feast for the eyes but is also a mine of information on the herbs you'll find in your cuppa.  Pop over and take a look at it yourself.

I'm looking forward to sipping myself through all the blends.

Well done Bruce & Sarah!

PS  This is most definitely NOT a sponsored post!


  1. We love herbal teas & these sound great. We have some friends who make nice blends, but usually we have our own dried nettle or lemon balm.

    Fine Pluck look like a really company - thanks for sharing this, think we may have to try a blend or two...

    Kay :)

  2. I'm looking forward to trying them all out. Just wish I had a clear teapot to take full advantage of the incredible variety of the leaves.