Monday, 24 September 2012


I first came across Susan Taylor's work at the South Bank Art Trail.  I loved the simple combination of typography and silhouette images.  When I saw a couple of her city posters in a gallery on Colston Street earlier this year I asked if there was one of Glasgow.  The woman in the gallery couldn't say but invited me to write my request in her notebook.  Some time later I received an email from Susan to tell me that she hadn't yet designed a Glasgow print but that she hoped to do so one day.  A couple of weeks ago I received a second email to let me know that she had finally got round to it and that the print was now available online.  She said she'd enjoyed creating it and hadn't realised how many beautiful buildings  were to be found in the city.

Here it is and I think it's marvellous.  It features many of the city's famous buildings, old and new (the City Hall, the Beresford building, the Riverside museum, the Ca d'Oro, the Armadillo), its industrial heritage (the Finnieston crane), its bridges (the 'squinty' bridge), its art (references to Charles Rennie Mackintosh) and its sense of humour (the traffic cones on the Duke of Wellington statue).

The print was a flat warming present for my daughter who is studying in Glasgow and who has fallen in love with the city.  I hope it will bring her pleasure to look at it.

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