Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Use it or Lose it

On last week's Would I Lie to You, David Mitchell mocked the suggestion that Sue Perkins paid regular visits to her local butcher, describing the practice as a '1950s idyll' reserved for 'posh' people because 'most people buy meat at supermarkets, don't they?'

Well I have news for David.  I'm not posh and the last time I looked it was 2012, and I buy most of my meat at my local butchers.  I realise it's only a comedy programme but I get sick and tired of people assuming that supermarkets are the only place to shop and that people who do otherwise are slightly odd.

I was therefore delighted to read Steph's account of the Totally Locally Leek first birthday party.  Totally Locally is an organisation committed to celebrating the wonderful independent shops, business and people of our towns.  It provides a free award winning marketing and branding campaign to any local community wanting to breathe life back into its high streets.  I love their manifesto which you can read here.

And, according to their online calculator, if every adult in my district, spent just £5 per week in local independent stores, instead of in a supermarket or on the internet, it would plough £2.3 million into the local economy.

As they say, it makes you think.

The photo is of a blackboard in my favourite (yes, we are lucky to have more than one!) local butcher's showing where all his meat comes from.


  1. I've been catching up with your posts & what I love about your blog is just how passionate you are about where you live!

    Thank you for sharing everything that is so good about Bristol... Whenever we read your posts about the city, they make us want to visit - can't believe we haven't!

    One day we will get there...

    How brilliant that the Bristol currency has taken off & great to hear of so many independent shops, we spend more in our local wholefood shop than in any supermarket - we'd be lost without it!

    Kay :)

  2. Thank you Kay. There is so much to love about Bristol. You really must visit and let me know when you do and we can meet up for a drink and a wander round the harbour.

  3. Your post really struck a chord. I'm realy concerned about the loss of so many independent shops in this town (particularly as my parents had a general store which we lived in). It's getting to the stage where all that's left (amongst all the empty shops) is a couple of supermarkets and pound shops. I'm not sure Mary Portas has the solution, either.

  4. Welcome love those cupcakes.

    It's true that the independent retail sector is in trouble but I truly believe that the future lies in the community coming together and saving it from extinction. Mary Portas and Totally Locally can offer advice and support but the locals need to want it to work.

    We have an active community partnership which has spearheaded various initiatives. Do you have anything similar where you live?