Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Bristol Pound is Here!

Today saw the launch of Bristol's local currency - the Bristol Pound.  Equal in value to its sterling counterpart it will be accepted in around 300 local independent shops.  Because it cannot be spent in any supermarket or national/international chain it cannot leave Bristol but will circulate in the local economy enabling it to grow and prosper.

I bought my Bristol Pounds at the Tobacco Factory, where they are on sale from 12 noon until 5 pm from Monday until Saturday.  I was the Southville Deli's first Bristol Pound customer, where I bought some Parma ham and Pendragon cheese for lunch.

In the evening we went down to  St Nicholas Market where the queue to buy Bristol Pounds stretched out into the street.  In addition to most of the regular stalls there were dozens of extra ones and shoppers were entertained by circus players and musicians.  We ate in the Moroccan restaurant and bought a mug depicting the £10 note.  The optimism was tangible.  I sense a real desire to make this scheme work.

Tomorrow I'll have to call in at the Tobacco Factory for more Bristol Pounds as I've already spent most of the ones I bought today!